FAQ About Newport Urgent Care

Q: Why choose Newport Urgent Care?

A: Newport Urgent Care is a medical facility that offers a very comfortable, inviting and upscale setting for patients, and also provides a convenient and affordable alternative to the hospital emergency room and even your primary care.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: No, you can walk in at any time during our convenient business hours (7 days a week) and receive prompt medical care and treatment.

Q: Do you perform X-Rays?

A: Yes, we have a certified X-ray technician on staff during all hours of operation, and we perform digital X-rays as well.

Q:  Are the X-Rays digital?

A:  Yes, our digital X-Rays provide instant results. Our doctors do a preliminary read and then we transmit the image to a Radiologist for a final read. The official results are sent to us the next day. For patients who need to take a copy of the x-rays to a specialist, we can burn the images to a disc.

Q:  Do you provide fracture care and laceration repair?

A:  Yes, we offer splinting or casting for fractures, and stitches for lacerations.

Q: Do you perform lab tests?

A: Yes, we have well trained and certified medical technicians who draw blood for routine laboratory testing.

Q: Do you refer patients to specialists?

A: Yes. While we are well equipped and trained to handle most of your urgent care needs, we have an excellent network of specialists to whom we refer our patients.

Q: Who are your Physicians?

A: All of our Physicians are Board Certified and offer more than 25 years of training and experience in providing health care to patients. In addition, our friendly and knowledgeable support staff will further expedite and enhance your experience during your visit to our clinic.