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At Newport Urgent Care, we know a sick child is an unhappy child, which is why we conveniently offer pediatric urgent care for children from 6 months to age 18. Our extended hours complement the services and availability of your child’s primary care pediatrician and offer a child-friendly and efficient alternative to the emergency room. Note that unaccompanied minors under the age of 18 will need a signed pre-authorization before treatment. Download Authorization to Treat a Minor Form.

Common Pediatric Urgent Care Conditions include:

  • Coughs/Stuffy Nose/Sore Throat
  • Earaches/Fever
  • Cuts/Scraps/Bruises
  • Minor Broken Bones/Fractures/Sprains
  • Ear, Nose, & Eye Infections
  • Rashes & Burns
  • Asthma
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea

Opting for Urgent Care in Pediatric Cases

Children under five years are vulnerable to various conditions highlighting the need to identify a reliable healthcare facility.  Below are the common conditions treatable at urgent care centers:

Guidelines for Pediatric Asthma Urgent Care Visits

Newport Pediatrics Urgent Care

Asthma is a lung disease that causes airways to swell, narrow, and produce mucus. The inflamed and contracted airways make it difficult to breathe and trigger coughing. The child may also produce a whistling sound while breathing out and encounter shortness of breath. Certain triggers can set off or worsen symptoms that cause asthma attacks. Most children with asthma experience their first symptoms at the age of 5. Unfortunately, asthma can cause children to miss school or become hospitalized.

When to Visit an Urgent Care Center for Asthma

A severe asthma attack can be life-threatening.  Consult your doctor on what to do with asthma symptoms and in an emergency.  See a doctor:

  • If you think your child has asthma: If your child has frequent coughing and wheezing that lasts for a few days and other symptoms of asthma, you may need to see a doctor.
  • Continued monitoring: If your child has existing asthma, you need regular doctor visits. Long-term care for asthma helps your child feel better daily and prevents an emergency asthma attack.
  • Worsening symptoms: Visit an urgent care center if the current medication doesn’t ease the symptoms.
  • Treatment review: Asthma condition and symptoms change over time. Visit your doctor regularly to discuss your symptoms and alter the treatment plan.

Identifying and Managing Pediatric Eye Infections

An eye infection is a medical condition associated with eyes caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. The most common eye infection is called pink eye (Conjunctivitis). Pink eye is a viral infection, but bacteria can also cause it. In other instances, an allergic reaction can also cause pink eyes in babies.  Symptoms of eye infection include:

  • Tearing
  • Light sensitivity
  • A discharge in one or both eyes, which may form a crust at night that prevents your eyes from seeing in the morning
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • A gritty feeling

When to Seek Urgent Care for Eye Infections

A severe eye infection often causes eye redness, eye pain, and an uncomfortable feeling between your eyes. Your child may also experience blurred vision and light sensitivity. If your child experiences these symptoms, see a physician at an urgent care center.

Dealing with Pediatric Diarrhea at Urgent Care

Newport Pediatrics Urgent Care

Diarrhea is when your child’s stool is loose and watery. Diarrhea is a common problem that occurs for 1-2 days and then goes away. If your child’s diarrhea lasts for more than 2 days, it may be a sign of a serious problem. If your child’s diarrhea lasts over a week, it is chronic diarrhea, often caused by irritable bowel syndrome or other intestinal diseases such as celiac disease.

Visit an urgent care center if a child with diarrhea:

  • Keeps vomiting
  • Displays signs of dehydration
  • Is drowsy and tired
  • Weighs less than 8 kgs or younger than 6 months
  • Has an ongoing health problem or was born preterm
  • Cannot drink enough fluids
  • Has other worrying signs such as headache or pain while urinating
  • A constant or a severe stomach pain
  • Has blood or mucus in their stool
  • Symptoms aren’t getting better
  • Has a high fever
  • Produces green vomit

Vomiting or Nausea

Spitting and vomiting are often confused. Spitting is common in healthy babies. If a baby has a blurb, they’ll likely spit up, which is a smooth flow of the stomach’s content through the mouth. You shouldn’t be concerned as long as the baby is comfortable, eating well, and gaining weight. Vomiting occurs when there’s forceful ejection of stomach content from the mouth. The stomach flu is the most common cause of vomiting.

Visit an urgent care center if your child’s vomiting:

  • Lasts more than 12 months for infants
  • Lasts more than 24 hours for kids below 2 years
  • Lasts more than 48 hours for children aged 2 years and above
  • It is accompanied by diarrhea
  • The child recently started a new medication

You may need to see a doctor if your child has signs of dehydration, including dry skin, dry mouth, infrequent urination, crying without tears, and a sunken appearance to the abdomen, eyes, and cheeks.

Sore Throat

A sore throat often occurs in children, and it’s nothing to worry about. It is often part of the common cold symptoms and gets better without treatment. In addition to sore throat, a child may display symptoms such as cough, decreased appetite, fever, headaches, fussiness, and sleeping more than normal.

When to Visit an Urgent Care Center

  • If the sore throat pain is severe
  • If the child is experiencing difficulty breathing
  • If the child has a high fever that doesn’t go away with medication
  • If the child refuses to eat or drink more than normal
  • If the child is so sleepy, making it difficult to wake them up or keep awake
  • If the child has a stomach ache, rash, vomiting, and a headache
  • If the child develops swollen lymph nodes
  • If the child develops white patches at the back of the throat
  • If the child has signs of dehydration

Newport Pediatrics Urgent Care

First Aid for Burns and When to Seek Urgent Care

A burn, even a minor, can be extremely painful. While a minor burn can heal within days, a severe burn may take several weeks or months to heal completely.

Visit an Urgent Care Center

  • If you think the burn is deeper than a superficial
  • If your child’s pain gets worse
  • If the child develops a fever
  • If there’s pus draining from the burn
  • If there’s increased warmth, pain, redness, and swelling near the burn
  • The burn is 2-3 inches wide, even if the burns seem like a minor


Most cuts, scaps, or bruises are minor and are easily treatable at home. You only need to stop the bleeding, clean the wound thoroughly, and cover it with a dressing. These minor wounds also heal within a few days.

When to Visit an Urgent Care Center

You should get medication attention if you think the wound could get infected or is already infected. A cut, scrap, or bruise is at risk of infection if:

  • It is longer than 2 inches
  • It has a jagged edge
  • It is contaminated with pus, dirt, or bodily fluids
  • It is caused by a human or animal bite

Visit an urgent care center if the wound is already infected with signs such as:

  • Fever of 3°8C and above
  • Swollen glands under the neck, armpits, chin, or groin
  • Pus in or around the wound
  • Swelling, redness, and pain around the wound

Minor Broken Bone/Fracture/Sprain

A minor broken bone, fracture, or sprain can occur because of a fall accident.

Newport Pediatrics Urgent Care

When to Visit an Urgent Care Center

You should visit an urgent care center immediately if you suspect you’ve sustained a broken bone, fracture, or sprain.  Look out for the following symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Discoloration
  • Bruising
  • A bump not usually in your body
  • Inability to move the affected body part as usual


Rashes are common in babies and children and aren’t a cause for concern— most are harmless and disappear with no need for treatment.

When to Visit an Urgent Care Center

You should see a physician if your child has a rash and seems unwell or if you’re worried. The pediatrician will investigate the cause of the rash and recommend the necessary treatment. In addition, the virus infection behind the rash will likely cause fever in your child. The fever often starts before the rash begins. When the rash appears, it means the child is getting better. However, if the child has a fever and a rash, it is a worrying sign, and you should visit an urgent care center.


Fever is a common symptom of most childhood illnesses, including ear infections. Other causes of ear infections include upper respiratory tract infections(RTIs), flu, chicken pox, whooping cough, and tonsillitis. It is extremely worrying when your child has asthma; luckily, it often clears itself without treatment.

When to Visit an Urgent Care Center

See a physician if your child:

  • Is vomiting persistently
  • Is under 3 months with temperatures above 38°C
  • Is over 3 months with temperatures above 39°C
  • Has another illness, e.g. rash
  • Doesn’t want to eat and is behaving abnormally
  • Has signs of dehydration like infrequent urination
  • Has had a fever for at least 5 days or more
  • Has fever that doesn’t come down with paracetamol

Coughs and Stuffy Nose

Viral infections are common in babies and often result in symptoms such as cough, stuffy nose, sneezing, fever, and rapid breathing.

When to Visit an Urgent Care Center

Visit an urgent care center if:

  • Your child has temperatures above 39°C
  • The cough and stuffy nose is not going away after a few days
  • Your child has signs of dehydration

Try Newport Urgent Care Pediatric Services

You’d appreciate quick and convenient care if your child trips and sustains a minor sprain in the evening. Urgent care centers tick the right boxes—they’re affordable, open for extended hours, and treat various ailments, including sprains. At Newport Urgent Care Center, we’re open 7 days a week, giving you a reason to smile when your child needs medical attention. Contact us online or call us at 949.752.6300 to book an appointment.

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