Understanding Costs: How Much Are X-Rays at Urgent Care?

on March 15th, 2023
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The results of an X-ray help physicians make informed treatment plans. So, your physician will most likely order an X-ray if you’ve sustained a broken bone, bone fracture, loose teeth, or a dental abscess. Understanding the expected price helps patients align their finances or options while seeking treatment. Generally, the cost of an X-ray varies by location and facility. Your payment option is another factor that influences the cost. If you’re paying for the X-ray procedure out-of-pocket, it’ll be slightly cheaper than paying via insurance. Understanding urgent care X-ray costs can save you cash or insurance limits, which you can apply to seek future treatments. If you’re looking to save as you seek X-ray services, consider visiting a moderately priced urgent care center.  Here’s what you need to know about X-ray costs.

The Cost of X-rays at Urgent Care Centers

The cost of X-ray ranges between $100-$1000. Even so, it can vary based on your situation or health facility. The payable amount depends on a few factors; the type of insurance, amount of deductible, type of X-ray, whether you’re paying cash, location, and facility.

The Cost of an X-ray for the Insured

X-rays are generally covered by health insurance. Patients who’re using insurance pay nothing out-of-pocket. However, that can change if the cover has a 10-15% co-insurance or a co-pay plan that requires an additional amount. Also, insurance won’t cover your X-ray cost if you haven’t met your deductible. As a result, you may be required to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket.

Cash Patients

You’ll be required to pay $100-$1,000 out-of-pocket for the procedure. However, in most urgent care centers, the average cost of X-rays is $ 200-$500, a fee that varies based on the body part being examined. Some urgent care centers will charge you as high as $1,000 for a full body X-ray, $100 for a finger, or $300 for a pelvis examination.

Additional Costs

After examining the X-ray results, the physician may request further tests like MRI or CT scan for a better diagnosis. These tests could increase your total invoice to as high as $3,000.

How Much Are X-Rays at Urgent Care?


Factors Affecting the Cost of Urgent Care X-rays

A few variables determine the cost of X-rays, as listed below.

Type of X-ray Procedure

A finger X-ray will cost approximately $100, with a spine X-ray costing $400. The difference in cost is attributed to the procedure, time spent, materials, and labor. Spine X-ray is slightly complex; it may involve cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine examinations. In a thoracic X-ray, a lab physician will take a picture as you lay on the table in different positions. The technician moves the machine around the thoracic spine and asks you to hold your breath for a few seconds. Moreover, it takes three views, a process that takes more time than a finger or foot X-ray.

Geographical Location

The cost of X-rays will also vary based on the state or city. The urgent care center factors in fixed costs like rent and salaries. In cities with a high cost of living, expect to pay a premium for a similar X-ray procedure.

Insurance Status

Some insurance firms don’t meet the cost of X-ray, which can force you to pay out of pocket. On the other hand, if you’ve not met the deductible stipulated by the insurance coverage, you may have to pay the X-ray out-of-pocket. You’ll enjoy a few cash discount offers if you’re a cash patient. Several imaging facilities and imaging centers offer up to 40% discounts for patients paying on cash terms.

Imaging Technology

Urgent care centers that use advanced imaging technology will charge a premium for their services. The high cost caters to specialized equipment, training, maintenance, and elements used in the procedure.  Moreover, advanced X-ray procedures require specialized and expensive contrast materials to enhance the visibility of tissues and body organs.


How to Budget for Urgent Care X-ray Expenses

You aim to reduce the overall cost as you plan your treatment expenditure. In addition,  you’re also looking to get quality service. Here are a few suggestions to get quality X-ray service within your means:

  • Type of Health Facility: If your situation allows, always choose an urgent care center over an Emergency Room (ER). The high cost of X-rays in ER is attributed to the overheads required to keep the facilities open.
  • Compare Prices: Some healthcare facilities charge more without justifying their prices. With that in mind, consider researching to check whether there are better prices or discounts in the market. Use available resources like the locator availed by the US Department of Health and Human Services designed to help patients find affordable healthcare centers.

Potential Insurance Coverage Options for X-ray

Health insurance is an essential tool as you plan your finances. It safeguards you from paying out-of-pocket for medical-related procedures such as surgeries, medicine, X-rays, consultations, and more. Some health insurance will meet the entire cost of X-rays, with others covering partially. For instance, you’ll be required to pay a deductible amount each year and an extra fee before you obtain service. In other instances, you’ll be required to pay a copayment, which is an amount that patients pay as a share of the cost of the medical service, e.g., an X-ray. It’s a fixed amount— say $50— instead of a percentage. Here are a few tips to expand your insurance coverage:

  • Use a reputable insurer: A reputable insurer likes protecting its name. It’ll therefore keep its word whether it’s affordable premiums, coverage amounts, or quick disbursements.
  • Look at the terms and conditions: Inspect the fine print in the document to check whether you’re covered for an X-ray. Remember to check other vital aspects like deductible or coverage.
  • Conduct a small market survey: Compare prices and features of different insurers before settling on a specific provider.

Try Newport Urgent Care X-ray Services

If you can get an X-ray service at an affordable rate, you’ll enjoy an overall reduced cost of treatment. It can also help you access quality healthcare without insurance or if your plan has a  high deductible. At Newport Urgent Care, we’re committed to offering the highest level of healthcare at reasonable rates.  Contact us online or call us at 949.832.6347 to get more information.