How to Make an Appointment at Urgent Care?

on February 28th, 2023
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Newport Urgent Care is a special place you can count on to receive quality healthcare for you and your entire family. We designed the facility in a comfortable, appealing, and classy setting that creates a welcoming feel for our patients.        

The facility operates with a team of board-certified physicians with 25 years of training and experience. More importantly, our physicians take a holistic approach to eliminate the symptoms and the condition.

Although you don’t need to book a slot to see a physician, we allow our patients to book online.

Newport Urgent Care Booking System              

At Newport Urgent Care, we’ve created an online booking platform to respond to our customers’ quest for prompt services. The system automatically checks you in and allocates a ticket number which integrates with other walk-in patients on the queue.

In addition, the booking system allows you to reschedule or cancel an appointment. It also keeps your logs, making it possible to view pending or past medical appointments.

Our booking system allows you to see a physician at your convenience and in the middle of your busy schedule.

How to Use Online Booking Service

  1. Click on Book Online
  2. Select the type of visit— either office or video.
  3. Pick the preferred date and time. 
  4. Enter patient information
  5. Finally, we’ll assign you a physician and ticket number.

Why You Should Try Our Booking Service

Quick and Easy to Use

Our booking system is compatible with most devices. In addition, it has simple and clear instructions, which make it easy and quick to use.

You Can Schedule on Your Terms

The traditional ‘office hours’ don’t suit the needs of a modern patient. Most patients prefer an urgent care facility that allows them to see a physician at their convenience— e.g., during a lunch break. 


Our online booking system allows you to request a physician when your schedule allows. In addition, it doesn’t matter whether the phone lines are open; the booking system is available around the clock.

You Can Check the Physician’s Availability

There’s an element of probability if you plan to see a physician by walking into an urgent care center. For instance, if you don’t have an appointment with a cardiologist, there’s a high chance of missing them, which can be frustrating.

Luckily, our booking system lets you check the doctor’s availability making it possible to book an appointment that suits your schedule.

It Saves Your Time

The pre-admission procedure is one way that patients lose time. Instead of immediately seeing a physician, you spend valuable time processing your personal information and insurance verification.

With our online booking service, you can bypass pre-screening by filling in the required details from home. 

Make an Online Appointment to Request These Services

Book an Online Appointment Today

Newport Urgent Care has a dedicated online booking system to improve the patient experience. It provides convenience, accessibility, reduced wait times, and flexibility to book from anywhere and anytime.

Contact us online or call us at 984.284.2813 to book online.